06 February 2010

Dialer/JPDialer Roadmap

JPDialer will change its user interface, which will be more consistent with Dialer.

Both applications will be improved in accordance with feedback from users. They are planned to be released in Q2 2010.

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23 November 2008

Dialer - Dial utility to convert the plus sign to an international call prefix

Softbank Mobile is one of Japanese mobile phone operators who succeeded the network and services from Vodafone K.K.   Thanks to the predecessor, its subscribers can receive the worldwide standard services such as W-CDMA, MMS and so on.   Softbank Mobile network, however, does not accept a phone number led by plus sign such as “+44XXXXXXXX” but an international call prefix must lead the number.   This means that you must edit a phone number before making a call, which is very annoying.

My Dialer application, a Java ME application, converts the plus sign to an appropriate international call prefix and makes a call.

On the main screen, Dialer has text boxes named “Number” and “Actual dial number”, and some more.   In the “Number” text box, you put an original phone number led by a plus sign.  (Some handset may provide away to look up your phone book in this text box.)   Dialer automatically converts the plus sign to the international call prefix if the country code of the phone number is different from your home country code, or converts the plus sign and subsequent country code to a zero.   Finally, you press “Make a call” command and Dialer makes a call to the telephone number in the “Actual dial number” text box.
In order to fulfil this requirement by MIDP, the handset needs to support the following functionalities:

  • Looking up phone book from a TextField whose constraints have the PHONENUMBER bit set.
  • MIDlet.platformRequest() with "tel:" scheme for making a phone call.
Most of Java enabled handset supports these functionalities.  In contrast, typical MIDP implementations for Windows Mobile seem not to support.  This is not a problem at all because a different source publishes a Windows Mobile utility, which is more powerful.

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