22 February 2009

Action items for JPDialer

I have several things to do for JPDialer:

  • Replace the icon with new one, 48x48 pixel size.
  • URL on the “About” screen must points to JPDialer page instead of Dialer's.
  • React properly to screen rotation. Text fields must keep their contents when the user slides G1's keyboard.

The last one is most tricky. If the user slides the keyboard, Activity will be destroyed and be created again. (Note that the application itself is not destroyed.) This is somewhat overreaction from programmer's point of view whilst Google thinks different way:

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09 February 2009

T-Mobile G1 supports Google Latitude

Today, my T-Mobile G1 received its firmware update version 1.1. The update was automatically pushed to the handset.

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22 December 2008

JPDialer is ready for download

Now JPDialer, Android version of Dialer, is ready for download from my web site.

What is JPDialer? For whom is it? JPDialer is a dial utility that converts “+” sign to an appropriate international call prefix. If you match all of the following conditions, you may need this application:

  • You are using any Android based mobile phone.

  • You are going to make a phone call from Japan.

  • You are using a SIM card from Japanese mobile phone operator.

  • You are going to make a phone call to a phone number that begins with “+” sign.

  • You do not like to edit manually the phone number before making a phone call.

Please enjoy :)

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19 December 2008

Making a phone call programmatically from Android - JPDialer

Recently I got a T-Mobile G1, Google Android mobile phone. For my study of Android platform, I started to port my MIDP applications to Android. The first target was Dialer, which was so small that it should be easily ported. By the way, as the name “Dialer” is used by Android’s standard telephony application, I named Android version of my application “JPDialer”.

In order to make a phone call to a particular phone number programmatically from an Android mobile phone, Context.startActivity() method is used with specifying an Intent.ACTION_DIAL or Intent.ACTION_CALL, and a phone number. If you would use the latter Intent, you need to add CALL_PHONE permission to your application’s manifest. The following code snippet can place a phone call:

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