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February 2010

07 February 2010

M2ch Viewer Roadmap

The first release of M2ch Viewer is planned to be made in Q3 2010. This will include, however, very limited functionality.

You may know there have been already a lot of 2ch BBS viewers. What is the feature of M2ch Viewer among them?

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06 February 2010

Dialer/JPDialer Roadmap

JPDialer will change its user interface, which will be more consistent with Dialer.

Both applications will be improved in accordance with feedback from users. They are planned to be released in Q2 2010.

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03 February 2010

Expense Report Roadmap

Following activities are planned for Expense Report in 2010:

In a few weeks, MIDP port of Expense Report version 0.5.4 will be released, which will include several user experience improvements.

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02 February 2010

Goals of 2010

Last year I have defined goals of 2009. However, none of them has been completed because I have not been available for these activities for recent couples of months.

I believe that MIDP version of Expense Report has been well improved, but it is not enough yet.  Android version of Expense Report has been just started and it is far from publishing.  M2chViewer has so low priority that I have spent very little of my time.

These projects will be continued this year.

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